1. Basic

Dropshipping is a order fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using the dropshipping model, it purchases the item from Vendorboat  and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly.

Print on demand (POD), sometimes referred to as “on-demand printing” is an ecommerce model that allows you to sell customized products that are printed only after an order has been placed. With on-demand printing, you don’t hold on to any physical inventory. Instead, you sign up with Vendorboat that takes care of the printing and fulfillment process for you.

Yes, we take screen printing orders also. Even glow in the dark and vinyl printing also.

Yes, we take bulk orders for all categories which we have in our product list and even we take bulk orders for any specific style requirement also.

Warehousing & fulfillment service is keeping your stock in our warehouses & packaging according to your need whenever any order come.

It is difficult to place design on each mockup manually o to solve this problem we come up with  Bilk mockup generator. In bulk mockup generator we create mockups files for your designs & share mockups link in excel format which make easy to upload on website.

We will help to create own website on platforms like Shopify or Woocommerce. We will create website for you.

Yeah, You can order samples by login with free plan & then order samples according to your requirement.

  • Huge product range
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Printed white label courier bags
  • COD verification
  • NO Minimum
  • Organic Cotton apparels
  • Next day remittance
  • COD verification
  • Eco-friendly printing
  • Free Hang tag
  • PSD mockups
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Custom Branding

No, Vendorboat name won’t be printed on any part of the product.

2. Getting Started

Please click on the Get started button from the menu. Choose the starting plan & fill the details.

No, we don’t charge any setup fee to create account with us.

The only difference is the mockup files & credit benefits.

Our team will share a link for PSD mockups on your register email address once you will signup with us.

You can download PSD templates through merchant dashboard.

3. Payments

Yes, you have to pay in advance only for all orders. If you want to place COD order for your client then also you need pay in advance only to us. We will collect COD amount & transfer in your bank account.

yes, you need to pay in advance for COD orders also. We will collect your COD amount from your client & transfer in your bank account.

No, Once amount added to Vendorboat Wallet won’t be refunded.

You need to tell our team to credit the COD amount in Vendorboat account.

4. Order Processing

You can place manual order through merchant dashboard.

You will submit all designs files to us in advance. When any order will come to your website it will automatically fetch to our platform & start processing. No manual work require to place the order.

You need to upload design on cloud folder like google drive or dropbox & give access to us.

Yeah, we will process order on same day if order placed before 9 am IST in the morning.

Once you will place order to custom branding products. It will automatically enable custom packaging for all products.

No, We don’t charge any extra process fee for custom packaging or branding.

5. Integration

Yes, we have Shopify api integration.

Yes, we have Woocommerce api integraton.

Yeah, we can provide custom api for your website.

Your website will be connected through api. When you will receive any order, our api will fetch whole details from your website.

If we couldn’t find product print file or sku don’t match with print file name.

6. Shipping & Returns

Shipping charge across India is Fixed ₹ 50 +18% GST (Total ₹ 59) for every 500 grams.

Shipping charges for different countries are different. You can download International Shipping Charge list from product detail page.

COD charge across India is ₹ 50 ( inclusive GST) or 1.80% of order value whichever will be higher.

No, COD not available for orders outside India.

COD remittance will take 7-10 days to deposit in your bank amount & 1-2 days to transfer in Vendorboat wallet after delivery.

If COD order not delver then it will RTO. It can be return to your location or our warehouse. Its depend where you want return orders to be delivered.

RTO charge is same as forward charge i.e. ₹ 50 + 18 % GST ( total ₹ 59) for every 500 grams across pan India.

You need to inform us with the order id.

If it is manufacturing defect & verified by us that it is manufacturing defect then we will send the replacement else its you have to bare the product lose or return.

Yes, shipping is same for pan India i.e. ₹ 50 + 18% GST for every 500 grams. Even other cost like return cost or RTO cost also same for pan India.

7. Designs

PNG format format for DTG printing & JPEG format in other printing.

Print file should be more than 300 dpi.

8. Custom Branding

Custom branding is when you want own branding on products.

  • Inner side Neck labels
  • Out side back Neck labels
  • Sleeve labels
  • Stickers on Hang tags
  •  Stickers on courier bags
  • Cotton bag packaging
  • Pack-ins
  •  Stickers on courier bags
  • Cotton bag packaging
  • Pack-ins

9. Billing

If you have GST number then you apply for GST input credit.

You will receive invoice in every 15 days.