Vendorboat is an online platform of dropshipping company focusing on helping its members to reach the utmost level by showcasing and selling their designs, products and creative works in the form of merchandises. But one should definitely follow its terms and conditions in order to tackle his/her business through this mediator. Vendorboat works as a mediator between the business person and the consumer, helps in shipping goods and maintaining all the needed privacy policies.

In order to be a part of it, the user has to take membership by filling up all the important personal information. However, the user may cancel its membership at any time if he wishes and that too through online mode. After filling up all the required personal information, he will be given an email address and password to take the wheels of his business but he must keep all the terms policies in mind and any kind of misleading information or misuse of the site, if it is found out, the user may have to pay the penalty of it, either being forced to leave or pay the high sum of money. The user is not permissible to use any other Vendorboat account without the permission of that user. The user is to notify Vendorboat immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of its account. Vendorboat will not be responsible to the losses of the user due to the unauthorized use of the account. The user has to certify his age and to certify the legal permission of the user of the service.

  • When the user posts, submits or uploads images, text, content, data, even if he is not the owner, he is thought to represent, reproduce and sell the content as Vendorboat product. The user owns the copyright of the content.
  • The user and his content are not permitted to violate intellectual property rights or other rights of any person, entity — copyright, moral rights, trade mark and right of privacy.
  • If it is found that the content breaches this policy or any applicable laws, we will be forced to cancel the account. This clearly reflects that the user is entirely responsible for whatever changes he makes

Vendorboat may save the credit or debit card details for all future shipping, charges, which will automatically be credited through the save cards unless or until the vendor informs Vendorboat through the site. The user will be charged a current fees only when he uses a service that has a fee and that amount may be changed from time to time. The user is responsible to pay all the charges and taxes associated to our site and services. An email will be sent once the order of the product is received confirming the details and descriptions along with the information of right to return product. Payment of the total price along with the delivery charges should be enclosed with before the dispatch of the product.

The user should produce its TIN/VAT/GST certificate numbers in the case of COD to the customer. The calculated tax rate should be included with the retail price provided by the user to Vendorboat.

Once the confirmation of order is made, there is no possibility of editing or cancelling the order. It is subjected to investigation and discretion if the product is found damaged or not received. Vendorboat is liable to review replacement or return request only if Vendorboat receives the complaint within 15 days from the day the product is delivered to the customer and if there is any print error or missing product found and that too of Vendorboat’s fault.

We deliver users to the most places to India and the user is responsible for the product’s prices. Delivery charges are to be added with the product price and it depends upon the product and location.

In case of delay of payment after 2 days of issuing invoice, an interest of 20% will be levied on the payment per day.

If you use any kind of trade mark, you will have to attribute the trade mark belong to us. If any dispute occurs, the user is requested to contact us directly to mitigate the issue.

Please note, by signing up to our services or placing orders through any other mode, you are automatically agreeing to our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions & Shipping Policies