What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand or POD is a form of business in which a product is created or printed with customized designs as per the demand of the customer. With the furtherance of technology and digitization, the notion of Print on Demand business became widely popular in the vast field of E-commerce industry. To put it simply, Print on Demand companies or sites will customize the product of your choice with your designs and artwork in accordance with your order. It is also known as On-demand Printing.
Print on Demand Products and How does POD companies operate?
There is a wide range of Print on Demand products in the market. Although, the concept of Print on Demand is in vogue among the booksellers and publishers, other popular products include:
Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts, Mobile Phone Cover Cases, Canvas Bags, Sweat-Shirts, Polos, Canvas Prints, Posters, Button Badges, Cushion Covers, Wall Decals, Notebooks, Towels, All Over Printed Apparel and Accessories.
These categories of products are sold to online brands worldwide by Print on Demand service providers.
Print on Demand companies operate on the basis of a basic fundamental principle – printing after ordering. As soon as the consumer places his order, POD company starts creating or printing the product as the consumer demands. For instance, a regular or standard printing firm would print a thousand t shirts of the same design but a Print on Demand company instead would print t-shirts only when an order is placed. Theses brands usually do not need a physical inventory. As compared to other businesses, the inventory management of POD companies is quite simple and easy and is mostly digital.

Benefits of the Print on Demand Model:

The Print on Demand or On-demand Printing model provides a lot of advantages.
• It reduces warehousing space requirements as the only inventory is digital. You print only what you need and when you need.
• The modern digital printing offers more creative freedom with a variety of designs and coloring choices. Also, the print quality is high enough to satisfy the consumer.
• On-demand printing reduces overprinting as accessories and apparels can be produced in small quantities quickly and in a budget-friendly way.
• Rapid changes can be made in the last minute without decreasing expenses in On-demand printing thus reducing the amount of wastes.

What does Drop Shipping mean?

Drop Shipping is nothing but a kind of E-commerce business model for retail fulfillment where a store avoids the stocking of the products it sells. Instead, under the Drop Shipping method, the store has the products purchased from a third party supplier and then directly shipped to the consumer.
Unlike the standard model of retail, the selling merchant in Drop Shipping method doesn’t own an inventory. Usually, in order to meet the orders, the selling merchant stocks or purchases inventory as required from the third party supplier.
Benefits of Drop Shipping:
The Drop Shipping model has proved to be a better business for entrepreneurs who are aspiring to start out. It is popular because of its benefits:
• It is possible to launch a Drop Shipping business with less capital. It also cuts off the huge amount spent in purchasing inventory.
• Starting an E-commerce business is pretty much easier with the Drop Shipping model because there is no need to worry about the management of warehouse and stock level, packing and shipment of orders and so on.
• All you need to run the business is proper communication with the suppliers and customers. You need not to worry about the location unless there is a proper internet connection. • As there is no tension about the pre-purchase of the items of sell, you can provide a variety of products to your potential customers.

Print on Demand Drop Shipping:

Drop Shipping with Print on Demand services Is an excellent business format especially for artists and designers. Given below are some of the greatest cons of Print on Demand Drop Shipping.
• In this tried and tested successful business model you get to vend your own merchandise. Creative designers can actually sell their designs on a variety of products such as t-shirts, phone cover cases, mugs, book covers and what not.
• In order to increase brand awareness, you can add own logo while drop shipping custom designs.
• You can easily automate the whole procedure starting from designing to advertising. Even if a particular design fails to work, you can always come up with the idea of another design. • In fact, the versatility of this model lets you explore different niches of events like anniversaries, birthdays, etc. with your own designs on merchandise. Moreover, Print on Demand Drop shipping is simple to start as a side business for an extra income as has a low barrier to entry.
Both Print on Demand as well as Drop Shipping are not without their negatives.
• Drop shipping with Print on Demand service is very expensive as the products are not produced in bulk and the designs are custom printed.
• You really need to be strong and creative with your designs. You won’t be able to connect with your customers if you are not that creative. People do not just buy products with any design, they look for something that can stand out. Besides, the low barrier to entry creates more competition.
• There will also be a demand for more and more resources as there is a sustainability period for every product. You have to keep on testing with the new ones.


Considering all the pros and cons of the Print on Demand Drop Shipping model, you need to keep in mind that failure is not fatal. If done properly with right partners, it can prove to be a game changing business, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. Your creativity should be top notch to make a difference and you’ll find your way out there.