Print on Demand: The Pre-eminent Model For E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

The advancement in technology and digitization has aided the tremendous growth of the E-Commerce sector. Whether you want to earn through showcasing your skills or add customized products to your online store as a successful E-Commerce Entrepreneur, Print on Demand might be an ace up your sleeve. In this blog, we will help you understand the reasons behind the pre-eminence of Print on Demand. 

Print on Demand:

Print on Demand is a very efficient E-Commerce business model which works on the basic principle of – printing after ordering. Under this format, products are customized with designs and artworks in accordance with the demand of the customer. This is an adroit way to accumulate the attention of the traffic within your niche to your business. It is sometimes referred to as On-Demand Printing.

There are numerous Print on Demand products that are popular in the market. They include T-shirts, coffee mugs, phone covers, sweat-shirts, polos, notebooks, posters, towels and many other accessories.

The best part of this model is that you get your products printed only when the demand arises. The functioning process of Print on Demand is pretty simple. First of all, the customer navigates on your E-Commerce store and places an order of his choice. You forward the order to the Dropshipping company or your Print on Demand partner. They take charge of printing the product with the best possible quality and its packaging. They spawn the invoice in your name and then ship the product to your end customer.

Read this to understand more extensively how Print on demand-Dropshipping works.

Print on Demand spares you a lot of time since all your orders are satisfied by your partner or the Dropshipping company. As an entrepreneur what you can do for your business to excel is invest that gifted time in:

  • Focusing on your website: First impressions are very essential, therefore make sure to make your online store striking in order to attract traffic.

If you don’t have a website, there’s no need to worry. Shopify and Woocommerce are the two leading E-Commerce platforms where you can set up your website. To choose between the two, read this blog.

  • Displaying your skills: As mentioned above, Print on Demand gives you the advantage of customization. So, you can utilize it to showcase y our talent. Come up with the best possible designs and artworks for your customers.
  • Following the trends: To meet the demands of your customers you need to stay updated with the latest trends. You should be able to know what products or designs people are looking for.
  • Marketing you brand: Although, your partner does the packaging and shipment, you need to remember that it is done under your brand name. So, promote your brand efficiently. To maintain a high margin, focus on customer satisfaction and communication.
  • Working on Pricing and discounts: Know your target audience and make your selling prices clear. You can choose to provide discounts while maintaining your profit margins.

The most pertinent thing you need to take care of for your Print on Demand business is finding the right Dropshipping partner. Do a proper research on whom you can rely on. Chalk out a business plan before-hand to save yourself from huge losses. You can rely on Vendorboat for the same. Do take out some time to visit our website and find out what makes us different from others.

Why Print on Demand is the pre-eminent business model for E-Commerce entrepreneurs?

Given below are the reasons to testify that Print on Demand is better than any other conventional E-Commerce business model.

  • No Stock-Holding: Since your Print on Demand partner is pretty much responsible for handling printing, packaging and shipping, there is no need for you to maintain any inventory or worry about warehousing. You can rather have a digital inventory than a physical one.
  • Low Shipping Costs: You print as much as you need and thus you ship as much as you print. Shipping costs are lower as there is reduction in bulk stock.
  • Easy to Set-Up: Setting up an online store is not that strenuous. There is already an abundance of templates, plugins, themes that you can use. Plus, you don’t need a lot of cash to set up as there is no inventory hassle.
  • Customizing Ability: You get more freedom for creativity through modern digital printing. You can also experiment with various designs for your customers.

To juxtapose Print on Demand model with Dropshipping and Warehousing & Fulfillment, click here.


From the above discussion it can be summarized that Print on Demand has the potential to incur success for E-Commerce entrepreneurs. It is pre-eminent than any other conventional business models as it time-saving as well as budget-friendly. Above all, the risk is very low in Print on Demand. If done the right way with the right techniques, Print on Demand might do marvels for you.